Virushka’s Journey from Peeve to become Apple of Eye Today

Virat Kohli Middle Finger

Since the day Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli tied nuptial knot, the folks on social media have gone gaga over them. They have been celebrated and trolled for all good and unnecessarily bad reasons, though this is not new for the newlywed. The duo have always been an apple of the eyes (pun intended) of page3 journalists and social media trolls since the day they were first seen together in a shampoo ad, followed by many occasions at their respective work places.

The couple has been showered with love and affections by many positive brains while many times they have been lashed with ill-wills of internet trolls. There were times when Anushka was blamed for Virat’s bad days in the field. She encountered with the rage of some cricket maniac twitteratis in the form of many sexist remarks when their Indian cricket team captain lost his charm on the cricket ground in Sydney while playing ICC World Cup 2015 semi-final match against Australia and got caught out with just one run. Why can’t people understand that performance is not a constant thing? Performance is like a roller & coaster.

Here are some of the terrible things that were said on Twitter against Anushka:

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Boasting such nasty heckling about Anushka on Twitter was started back on March 19, 2015 when Kohli failed to score against Bangladesh in the quarter final match of ICC World Cup 2015 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. She was blamed for “distracting” him during the match.

Anushka Sharma once again become a scapegoat for our so called patriarchal cricket maniacs when the boat of Indian cricket team sank during the final match of Champions Trophy against Pakistan this year in June. To justify Virat’s disappointing performance, trolls took on the twitter with one liner ‘Anushka Kahin Kidnap Toh Nahi Ho Gayi’.

Even, the Indian cricket team captain had been mocked by gossipmongers for Anushka’s failure in B’town.

There are many such troll stories popped up during their journey as boyfriend-girlfriend when we look back.

Virushka Marriage

This must be very difficult for the couple to maintain the grace of their relationship when they had been blamed for each other’s failures in an undignified way. But they surfaced all the blame games of third persons by defending not only themselves but each other in front of media. Hats off to their bonding and understanding.

But then, haters gonna hate, and lovers love you in all your fate!

At latest, they have gotten married graciously marvelously amid a dreamy wedding arrangements in Tuscany, Italy, and the couple has already graced the country with a grand reception in their hometown Delhi yesterday, and will throw another splash of reception glitter in Mumbai for their friends from tinsel town and cricket pitches.

If to say metaphorically, Virushka has gone against all the odds in the past and showed their middle fingers to all the troll and all the ‘mediapa’.

Now Virushka is all over the internet but yes for all the good reasons and with loads of love. So, I though it’s a perfect time to look back at the up & downs the couple had been through together till their D-day, and come up with this article.

We wish Virushka a peaceful and prosperous married life ahead.

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